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Letter to the editor
Obama wrong on foreign policy
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Forsyth County News
[President Obama:] your remarks abroad criticizing our intelligence gathering organizations and characterizing our recent policies as torture are disappointing.  

First, such comments appear to indicate a gross misunderstanding of the nature of other nations to capitalize on such comments and use them against us.  

Second, it is a serial example of how you seem to be willing to betray those who are in the intelligence community.  

Third, it indicates a total ignorance of the history of the Islamic influenced world where religious or freedom of thought has never existed.  

My concern overall, sir, is that you are laying the groundwork for a holocaust of the human race.  That is based upon the pedantic policies and ideology you espouse at every opportunity while eschewing time-proven cautious policies of statesmanship.  When we ignore the antics of sociopaths like the leader of North Korea and Iran we underscore that concern.  As one follows your speeches it is apparent that you fawn over tyrants abroad and unravel the fabric of our society at every opportunity at home.  

This country is not perfect, President Obama, but it does have an unparalleled record of compassion as a nation in benevolence to all nations.  Historically:  we rebuild those nations we have defeated in war; reach out to all ethnic groups in the spirit of humanity; and use our power for the general welfare of mankind.  I urge you to speak of this nation’s strengths when abroad and let our critics draw their own conclusions.  They will draw those conclusions no matter what you do or say.

Please sir, stay home, open yourself to real dialogue on all policies and forgo the campaign posture for awhile.  Lead!  Dont bleed us further with sophistic rhetoric broadcast into the international stratosphere.  

Dr. Derrel E. Emmerson