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Letter to the editor
What loses funds if Buice Center built?
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Forsyth County News
When the park and rec capital budget for 2009-2013 was drafted there was no mention of two rec centers in the south. When the park/rec and greenspace bond was presented to the voters, there was no mention of a second rec center in the south. There was only one budgeted and scheduled — at Fowler (2009-2010) to be funded from bond and impact funds.

The Buice property may be an ideal site for a second rec center and there may be a need, but funds have not been budgeted. In order to fund such an unintended project would require funds budgeted, especially from bond funds, for other projects to be diverted to Buice. If that is the intent of the Board of Commissioners, they should, at the least, identify those projects that were planned and budgeted that will be cancelled or that will receive less funds than promised.  

Jim Quinn