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Letter to the editor
Buice Center should have approved
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Forsyth County News
After attending the commissioners meeting yesterday, Thursday, June 18, I became confused.  Is funding for the two recreation centers being tabled with the thoughts of allocating those funds to the purchase of the Lanier Golf Course and making a park and recreation center there?  

All but one citizen making a case for the golf course seemed to be self-serving. There was, of course, a Realtor.

One little girl cried that her school offers golf as an elective and if she “elects” to take golf, she has no place to practice. Does her school not take this into consideration when establishing a curriculum?  

Those against the golf course brought up the fact that the land itself was filled with all kinds of toxic chemicals that were used back in the ‘70s before we knew the detrimental effects of them. Stirring them up now could re-ignite and strengthen their effects on humans playing on and around the area, the environment including the air and the water filtration.  

There was no justification of postponing the allocation of these funds for [Buice Recreation Center].  [Chairman Charles] Laughinghouse would not allow any elaboration if there was a reason, and so the meeting continued as seats loudly clapped together as disgruntled supporters of the Buice Recreation Center made their exodus.

Sherry von Klitzing