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Letter to the editor
Hwy. 141 widening should be finished
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Forsyth County News

I realize the widening of 141 is a major highway change and undertaking, but the progress is extremely slow. Many days no one is working anywhere along the stretch.  I am originally from St. Louis and Fred Weber could be a major interstate in less time then it has taken to widen 141 up to this point. 

So far only temporary lanes are being built and moved. My sympathy goes out to all the business owners along 141. I'm sure many have been put out of business.There should have been a payment incentive for a completion date. But then again I guess too many politics are involved.

What a mess and what an ongoing inconvenience. It would be interesting to have the newspapers give us a weekly update ... of the work completed for that week, and how many workers had to stand around to 'watch' any work going on.


Margot Griffith