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Letter to the editor
Audit shows county has problems to fix
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Forsyth County News

The opinion article in the Sunday June 28 edition was very clear, informative and interesting.

Outline of the Sawyer & Co. audit document revealing 35 different offices and departments with operational issues is indeed "a red flag" for the county to shape up.

What strikes me as interesting is the emphasis on the voter registration office where questionable activity was exposed and explained many times in the past. Isn't that the office that, after two audits already, led the commissioners to now request a federal official audit.

Speaking as a voter, I have not stood in line (rain, wind, cold) to vote since Gary Smith was appointed to that office. That is one place in Forsyth County that is efficient.

The 113 significant deficiencies in the report, including handling of SPLOST revenues, is of particular concem. It will be of great interest to all of us taxpayers to learn how much money we lost through the mishandling of funds in the other 112.

Good work FCN,


Jane McCarthy