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Letter to the editor
Hwy. 9 should be four lanes now
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Forsyth County News
I was reading the article “Big Plans for Hwy. 9.”  

My concerns are: Hwy 9 should have been widened (similar to Northpoint Parkway) from the Fulton County line through Cumming 10 years ago.

Eventually it will have to be four-laned and allowing businesses to continually pop up is a mistake and will cost the county later.

We continually see an area worked on, poles put in, just to be removed a year later for a similar project in the same area. Look at the road work on Majors Road this week. Forsyth County must not have the money to pave the whole road so they are doing patch work all over the county. I’m assuming this work is contracted out and the contractor is only interested in profit and not the well being of Forsyth County.

Another mixed residential/commercial development would be great if it weren’t for [the fact] Vickery on Majors/Post Road is sitting empty. Who will buy $1 million homes, which will most likely be on small lots. The middle class has no credit to continue to purchase homes and with the decrease in the job market, homes at $1 million are probably not going to be purchased. People who can afford the homes will not want to live in a congested area.

Until Forsyth County or the state can afford to four-lane Hwy. 9, no more new development should be approved.  

I am all for progress and the plan sounds great if it had been 10 years ago. With the inability of the county to even pave the roads we have, I doubt the proper road improvements would accompany the new development.  The recently built Greenway looks better than the paving on Hwy. 9. It is a way for the developer and construction industry to yet again make money off the average citizen. It is time for common sense long term planning (not paying exorbitant amounts of money to consultants) by Forsyth County.  Widen Hwy.9 along with any future development.

Patty Adkins