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Letter to the editor
Road project hurting business
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Forsyth County News
I just read your [Hwy. 141 widening] article from the 6/14/09 edition of the FCN. I thank you for bringing this issue to the forefront. 

Besides the impact on commute, many businesses are suffering up and down that SR141 corridor. I’m a builder/developer currently working on my one and only project: a 77-home subdivision on Stoney Point Road just one mile from SR141. 

The widening project has no doubt had a dreadful impact on my project. Personally, I drive in the opposite direction (through Shiloh Road and McFarland) to avoid the mess. I do so on a daily basis and I can only imagine that many of my potential customers are doing the same and never see my project (or directional signs). 

I’ve seen many shops in the little strip malls along that route close and I can’t help but think some (if not most) of the blame is due to the project. 

I’m holding on in hopes that things will improve drastically once the road work is complete. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later before my financial support runs dry.

Thanks again for raising attention to this issue.

Johnny Santander