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Letter to the editor
Fireworks display wasn't very good
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Forsyth County News
When I opened the paper this morning and began reading I was astonished at what I saw. In the article I was reading about the July 3 Cumming Fireworks was a quote by Mr. Dave Horton, Cumming fairgrounds administrator. He said, “We had a lot of people saying that they were the best fireworks they have ever seen. ”

Really? I want to know who he was talking to. I am here to speak on behalf of the rest of Cumming and say they were the worst fireworks I have ever seen. They lasted half the time, and the finale looked as if they threw together whatever they had left over and set them off.  

What was even worse was the location they went off at. Instead of looking into a black canvas, like every other year, I had to look into bright lights coming from the auditorium. I even saw people packing up their things and leaving within a few minutes of it starting. They probably knew that this was not worth sitting in traffic for an hour when they tried to leave. I feel very sorry for your venders next year. I will be extremely surprised if half the people show up as they normally do. I congratulate you on creating the worst firework show ever at the Cumming Fairgrounds.

Nicole Gilbo