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Letter to the editor
Superintendent should refuse raise
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Forsyth County News
I am sure [School Supt. Buster] Evans is highly qualified for his position or he would not be were he is. But to lead the readers of this article to believe that he is the sole reason that our school did so well this year is a gross injustice to the hundreds of dedicated teachers that are in the classroom day in and day out.

I was reading the FCN Sunday edition and came across the article about Mr. Evans and his extension of his contract.

The second injustice, and the one that has me writing this letter, is the fact that in this economic time where counties are downsizing and we are constantly reading about the lack of funds for our school systems, I read that Mr. Evans is getting a raise, and not just a small raise but an $8,000 raise.

The teachers of this county are getting little or no raise, much less this ridiculous amount along with fully paid insurance for himself and his family.

I realize this was part of his contract, but to advertise this and to make it sound like he is the reason for the good grades the schools received is wrong. Why did you not congratulate the teachers and all of their hard work and dedication they give each year? How about a little extra money to compensate them for all the out-of-pocket money they spend for supplies not given to them but the county or state? Where is their reward?

I have several friends that work in the school system and I can only imagine the slap in the face they must feel after reading that article.
A co-worker of mine and spouse of a teacher made the suggestion of Mr. Evans that he say, since his teachers did not get a raise, thanks but no thanks I say fat chance, but it would be a good PR move.

Kimberly Sams