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Letter to the editor
Monument needs to add Coast Guard
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Forsyth County News
Five years ago I moved to Forsyth County, and about a year ago I noticed that the U.S. Coast Guard flag was missing from the military memorial next to the Cumming Police Dept. I have not asked the mayor why it is missing, but my father who served in World War II and other veterans would also wonder why.

Dad has been gone for about 30 years now. He retired as a Coast Guard officer with several campaign ribbons from the war, and commanded several ships on the east coast. This oversight should be corrected, and all that is needed is the cost of a flag.

Cleveland Ga. also had the same problem, which was corrected when a U.S. Coast Guard monument was added in 2007.

Military hospitals, V.A. hospitals, all military bases, and most court houses display all five branches of the service. The U.S. Coast Guard being one of the oldest branches of the military.    

Any help with this oversight would make the monument complete.

Joseph Edwards