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Letter to the editor
County must find alternatives for water supply
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Forsyth County News
Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Is that our future? Forsyth County borders two major rivers. We have abundant streams and significant ground water. We have quarries ready to be made into reservoirs and we have a neighboring county with water to spare, yet we are totally dependant on an apparently unreliable Lake Lanier and the city of Cumming.

The city’s mayor says “there will be water.” That may comfort some, but not me. He has no control over the source. Under the mayor’s plan, if the congress does not change the law in our favor at the detriment of Alabama and Florida we will have no water in three years.

It’s urgent that the county explore any and all alternative sources now with the goal and plan to achieve a totally independent supply. We might be able to arrange for a temporary supply from Fulton County but we need to be totally self sufficient within 10 years.

For whatever reasons, Commissioners Tam and Bell are blocking any talks with Fulton County. That must change now. This issue is critical to the future of the entire county.

Jim Quinn