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Letter to the editor
Democrats taking government in wrong direction
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Forsyth County News
As an American and a voter, I am angry, at the direction our government is taking us.  

Before you dismiss me as a knee jerk, right wing, Glenn Beck watching, crazy person; let me tell you who I am. I am a 54-year-old grandmother. I drive a hybrid, recycle, grow my vegetables organically and take my own bags when I shop.

I have been in the work force 35 years. I have been a single mother without health insurance. I went to college using Pell Grants which enabled me to land a good job with health insurance. I have raised three children.

After a lifetime as a Democrat, about 5 years ago I realized that the party no longer represented me. I now consider myself an independent.

If the Democrats have their way, this proposed health care bill that is the size of War and Peace, will transform nearly 20 percent of our economy. It does not take a Harvard-educated lawyer to know that if you pass a bill into law that has such far reaching effects, and you have not studied or debated it, you do not know what the consequences will be. 

What we do know about this bill is frightening. I don’t care to have end of life government health counseling.  I prefer my doctors to be competitive, and I prefer to choose doctors in whom I have confidence.

It is a fact that countries that have socialized health care have problems that are as huge as the bureaucracies which run those systems. Despite claims to the contrary, we all will be paying for this bill. The president  said that the only tax increases will be for the top 1percent earners in this country.  This will fall in the laps of all Americans.  Our grandchildren will be paying for the foolishness of this administration.

Now,  I may not have the giant intellect of, say, an American stand-up comedian, but I know right from wrong, capitalism from socialism and that if you spend more than you make you will be bankrupt.   

Susan Potter