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Letter to the editor
Dave Richard off base with defense of Smith
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Forsyth County News
Dave Richard is so elequent in his words. Dave Richard has a gift to never keep quiet. Why would he try to hurt me for asking for records regarding [Chief Registrar] Gary Smith. I thank you for the publicity Dave, I really do.

I found most of Smith’s purchasing records were incomplete and a complete mess and he was never around. Smith traveled everywhere accross the country and stayed at the Beverly Hills Hilton on taxpayer money without authorization. Smith also tipped for food and drinks with taxpayer money over and over for years. The list goes on Dave.

I found all this personal spending information long before the outside audits were started. I come from a family of heavy duty construction auditors. Dave Richard also claims others are not qualified to hold their positions, and two other professional qudits have no merit. What?

From what I understand, others on the board of elections are to monitor the conduct and activity of the election process, including making sure the office is not being used for personal use. Again, taxpayer money comes into question. Gary Smith used unauthorized comp time hours and owes the money back to this county.

And to make this long story short, what about Gary Smith working for another county and consulting outside the state and billing Forsyth County taxpayers for double dipping hours. Oh you forgot, Dave.

Why is it when citizens try to control government spending, someone always backs up the abusers of taxpayer money, Dave?

Terry Sweeney