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Letter to the editor
Like Obama, ARC wants to seize our property
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Forsyth County News

Following are statements and quotes printed in the Sunday, Aug. 9 Forsyth County News under the heading “Regionally important resources sought,” by Jennifer Sami.

This appears to be the second bid by Obama’s ACORN Army to obtain more control of citizens land in this Forsyth County. This time with a slightly different twist.

RC is asking residents of Forsyth and a dozen other counties to nominate places worthy of protection as "regionally important resources." They can be land, water, buildings and landmarks that are environmentally or historically significant.

Quote “It’s an effort to find areas of priority to the local environment and to the social fabric and see if there’s a way we can actively and legally preserve them.”

Additional statements:

“After a final list is created, the goal is to manage and protect the sites. This includes buying the land, making improvements and protecting places ‘from development.’” Residents must nominate resources and submit by Sept. 18. This was some of the important points contained in the article.

More can be found in the paper.

This is simply another step  the government will use to control and manage. The people of America. Much damage has already been done within the last eight months. Consider the jobs lost, auto industry takeover, home foreclosures and banks in trouble.

The total destruction of this nation is well under way, perhaps so far that it cannot be stopped.

Do not allow them to take any more land from citizens.

We all need to get involved in fighting Obama and Acorn in order to save our country.

Jane McCarthy