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Letter to the editor
Misinformation is abundant on health care
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Forsyth County News

I read with  interest Mr. Ron Young's letter in the Aug. 9, 2009 edition.  His letter sounded an awful lot like several emails I have received lately from Republican agitators intent on stirring up their conservative core by distributing misinformation.

First of all, the bill Mr. Young refers to is not the president's.  Mr. Obama has not proposed healthcare reform legislation.  He has left that to the Congress.  The bill he cites is one introduced by Reps. Rangel, Waxman, Miller (of California), Stark, Pallone and Andrews.

I went to each page listed in Mr. Young's letter and found that virtually none of the statements he attributes to the bill are actually there.  They are obviously his — or more likely those of some conservative blogger — interpretation of what is actually printed there.

I would encourage each citizen of this nation to go to the source and read for themselves what is being proposed — this is still a proposal — and not depend on what they read on the Internet, or even in the newspaper, or hear on the talk shows.  Do your homework and make your own decisions on what or who to support.  Don't depend on someone else to think for you.

For you fellow Christians out there, I would ask you to read Ephesians 4:25-32, 5:2.  What better words of advice can there be for our nation today?

Don Price