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Letter to the editor
Columnist off base on health care issue
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Forsyth County News
Should you publish another guest columnist’s opinion, I sincerely hope it will not be Roger Simon.

In his column of Friday, Aug.14 “Over the top, beneath contempt” he responded, in typical, liberal fashion, to the remarks made by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.  

Mr. Simon did not even attempt to counter with common sense, or logic, he opted to go for the jugular vein by name calling, inferences, exaggerations. His suggestions that these conservatives were making “rabid response” to this Obama fiasco is ludicrous.

If there was anything “rabid,” it was the combined efforts of the Obama administration, Democrat leadership in both houses, S.E.I.U. and other synpathetic unions. These are your rabid  responders, Mr. Simon. These are the “stealth squad” who attempted to ram this “special interest” legislation through, while everyone was sleeping.

Remember? We gotta move this thing; we gotta pass this out of committee, and it has to be in my desk in for days, or if not, then I want it on my desk before the August recess.  Why so fast, Mr. President?

Came the dawn! A sentence here, a claus there, page #16! Then the 1,300 page monster started showing itself for what it was — just that. And then, as Japanese Admiral Yamamoto envisioned, following Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941 “We have awakened a sleeping giant.” That’s what is happening here, today, Mr. Simon!

Sarah Palin used the euphemism “death panels.” That is a rather apt description. At age 83, I can easily identify with that, and it’s not offensive. Were it already law, I would not be writing this letter.

Glenn Beck is accused of being a racist, because he believes Obama is a racist. I agree. We can no longer, rationally, discuss where our country is headed. If we oppose Obama’s programs, we are accused of attacking him personally, and we are branded “racist.” I resent this!

As to Joe Kennedy being a Hitler synpathizer — prior to WWII, he was.

Don Broome