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Letter to the editor
Landmark case looming on water
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Forsyth County News
So who owns the water in the lakes in Georgia?

Federal projects, must be federal water. One state wants to keep fishing alive, another wants to float barges, while another needs to satisfy thirsty citizens and industry.

We know our neighbor to the south hasn’t the natural topography to support man-made lakes. Our neighbor to the west can, as can we. Everyone has a stake and each feels their stake is the most important.

OK, if Lake Lanier has been used the way it is now for 50+ years, why is this suddenly an issue? In my opinion it is short-sighted planning on the parts of all concerned.

We’ll probably wind up with a landmark decision that will set the standard for water usage throughout the U.S. Meanwhile, Atlanta will probably lose jobs, again.

Daniel McLaughlin