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Letter to the editor
Proposed landfill is wrong for county
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Forsyth County News
On Aug. 25, at 6:30 pm the Forsyth Planning Commission will hold a meeting at the County Administration Building.

This meeting is to discuss the possible rezoning of what is currently residential land on Ronald Regan to allow for a landfill (dump).

Due to the nature of this rezoning it has taken approximately 1 years of public meetings and many delays to finally get in front of the county’s planning commission.     

There are countless reasons why this property is unsuitable for a landfill, number 1 being Georgia’s latest water crisis. With the potential of the Lafarge Quarry someday being a large reservoir, it is crucial that nothing be zoned that could threaten that future water source.

In general — public concerns with this potential landfill include environmental hazards.  

Landfills can cause ground water contamination, fires that may burn indefinitely, landfills can produce gas (as evidenced by the subdivision on Melody Mizer Lane abandoned prior to the real estate meltdown due to such high levels of methane gas it is flammable per EPD  — not far from Daves Creek Elementary — cordoned off).  

More trucks will be exiting not just at Exit 14 near the hospital,  but Exit 13 at The Avenue.  This landfill will be visible while traveling GA 400 at Exit 14, just before the hospital.  

This landfill will be in the middle of Forsyth County’s proposed “Pill Hill”  — the Ronald Reagan corridor between Northside-Forsyth Hospital at Exit 14 and the proposed Children’s Healthcare near The Avenue at Exit 13. Northside-Forsyth Hospital is anticipated to be one day larger than the Northside Hospital at Perimeter, which leads the USA in the number of babies born. This landfill may jeopardize a corridor planned for medical buildings, other commercial businesses, retail, and multi-family townhomes.   

And then there are property values. A family along Brannon Road lived within five miles of a landfill prior to Forsyth County and the relocation company automatically reduced the value of their home by $20K.  Many of our neighborhoods are within five miles of this property.

Please come and voice your concern.  The risks vs. rewards of a landfill at this location make no sense for our county.

Dennis Walczak Sr.