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Letter to the editor
Whatever happened to simple kindness?
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Forsyth County News
I just want to know what has happen to kindness.

I know that money is tight, but do we have to be mean, too. It should not matter what we have on, or who we are, as long as we have the money to pay.

I have had some bad experences in Cumming shopping and at places to eat, just by the clothes I have on.

I have lived here all my life and so has my famliy. We were a friendly town. All we want is to see a smile, and for them to say “thank you.”

Sometimes that makes it all a little better for that person to come back.

We all have to pull together to make this town and the U.S.A. change. I get sick of the race talk. It should not matter on the color, we all need to stay together.

Cathy Rabun