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Letter to the editor
Firefighters made the day for family
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Forsyth County News
I want to publicly thank the firefighters at Station 2, especially Lieutenant Brian and Firefighter Cody,who went beyond their job description to educate and entertain two very impressionable young boys.  

Every so often, I take my two children to fire stations around the county to view the trucks, equipment and, as always, share a little conversation with the men of the station. As common with young boys, my children look up to these civil servants and want to be them when they grow up.

Our time at Station 2 far exceeded any expectation they or I might have had prior to our visit.

Lt. Brian and Firefighter Cody not only took time out of their schedule to show the children their trucks and equipment, but also engaged me in conversation explaining the station’s specialty and what we as citizens of Forsyth should expect when it comes to fire safety.  

These two firefighters allowed us to enter into their world for what seemed like an entire morning, never letting their busy workload interfere with a child’s question or a citizen’s concern.  

The joy they gave to my children that morning is something that I will never forget as a parent, and I truly appreciate their time and dedication to this county for their service and to our children’s education every time they walk into a station.

Thank you to all Forsyth County firefighters but especially to those of Station 2.

Hector Jimenez