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Letter to the editor
Schools wrong on Obama speech
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Forsyth County News
I love [school system spokeswoman Jennifer Caracciolo] and know she is just the messenger, but c’mon.

“It conflicts with the students schedule?”  What a convenient cop out.

The last time I checked every kid doesn’t eat lunch at 12 nor is in an activity outside the classroom. It is the president for God sakes. They could have shown it live to everyone who was in class and shown it to everyone else on tape tomorrow. Enough notice could have been given to all the racist parents to pull their child out.

Why can’t they just be honest about it. We are a Republican county and he is a black man. It doesn’t matter how benign his message is or well intended, people will continue to show their ignorance and lack of intelligence. (See healthcare debate.)

Oh, by the way, I am a white Republican.

Roy Larson