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Letter to the editor
Forsyth County must build new jail
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Forsyth County News
In Forsyth County News (Sept. 6), I enjoyed seeing sons playing on our expensive wooden bridges at Big Creek (for $65 million).

That is where I have seen it flood too many times to count. Let’s see how long it lasts.

I pray you parents are not like me and find out three inmates are sleeping on the floor in an outdated jail. Remember the article [that said] they added more beds (they tried). So now I get to drive to Hall County to see my son.

No matter what, I still love him. I will not say (like alot of moms on TV) he didn’t do it. I am saying he deserves respect and a clean space — a cot or a bed. Does Hall or Dawsonville care more? Or do they see the times? The odds? Or just down right common sense?

Because Forsyth County, we pay the other counties to house our prisoners. I wonder how much? Is it more than we could? Here is a message to Forsyth County — keep your head in the sand. But it will not go away. We desperately need a bigger jail.

Sharon Dover