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Letter to the editor
Rules are for all, not just for some
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Forsyth County News
The front page of Friday’s (9/4/09) FCN features a picture of a woman enjoying a picnic at Mary Alice Park. It’d be a really heartwarming picture except she is holding a dog in her arms.

There are at least two signs at the entrance to that park that say “no pets.” There is no way anyone can miss those signs as they enter the park.

I’d love to take my dog to that park too, but I obey the signs and don’t take him there. I wish other people would also obey signs and not flagrantly ignore signs. The signs are there for everyone to comply, whether you like them or agree with them or not.

If you want to live in a peaceful community, live by the community rules. That family in the picture should have gone somewhere else where dogs are allowed.

Helen Rogers