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Letter to the editor
Tribunals convened by school system offer no chance for justice
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Forsyth County News
I read with interest the article by Jennifer Sami on 9-16 about Donna McIntosh’s son and the kangaroo court the Forsyth County School System calls a “tribunal.”

My son went through the same thing and it is a total disgrace to think that any student has a chance of being heard and/or winning an appeal before this body.

I, too, thought we would get a fair and just hearing on a board consisting of “peers” as with any legal proceeding.

I at least had hope the tribunal would be made up of uninterested parties, like other parents, a retired person in the community, maybe a student.

No such luck. They were all cronies and had all worked with each other for years. You don’t think for a minute they would vote against their buddy, the principal who presented the case?

It’s a real travesty and I wish you would continue pursuing it to the state level and get this nonsense stopped.

Andy Odom