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Letter to the editor
A trash day like no other
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Forsyth County News
My middle school child burst through the door and exclaimed that the bus didn’t come to our stop today. We raced to make one last run to the trash at the curb and get him off to school on time. When I returned home, I discovered that my pocket book was nowhere to be found.  

Realizing that I had tossed it in the garbage can in my haste to get him to school, I immediately called Community Waste System.  

I begged Vicky to stop that truck. She informed me that if it was in that truck, it was mixed up with 6 to 8 tons of trash. She said the driver and crew would go through it best they could. I immediately offered to help, but was told that I had to get permission from the landfill company to even go past the gate.

The final resting place for our garbage is Eagle Point Landfill. They were very nice and agreed to let our truck dump off to the side. I was also warned that after a week of rain that it would be like soup, and that boots and gloves would be a good idea.

Travis, the boss at the landfill, had coordinated for a front end loader to help break up the 6-8 tons of trash. Ben, the driver of my truck, and his two coworkers helped pull bags off the most unbelievably wet and smelly pile of stuff. We were looking for a small, black backpack.  

After finding a bowling ball, about 35 tennis balls, a bicycle, tons of grass clipping and a lot of what looked like guacamole, the huge loader pulled back and spread out layer by layer. After a few false hopes and one more layer, out rolled a familiar bundle.  

I immediately waved off the front end loader and climbed up on that stinky pile of mucky trash like the winner of a game show. It was my pocket book. I thanked every one of them for their help, climbed down and headed for home.

I was definitely the game show winner that day thanks to the kindest, most helpful people who have one of the most thankless jobs on the planet. 

The folks at CWS and Eagle Point went beyond the call of duty to help someone they’d never met before and they had nothing to gain from their thoughtful actions.  

Lee Thompson