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Letter to the editor
We are watching dismantling of nation
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Forsyth County News

In the 1930s Germany was the most cultured and educated country in Europe. Yet, in less than six years, the country, fell from civilized grace under the malignant yet compelling leadership of a rabble rousing, glib speaking unknown named Adolf Hitler.

The Germans living under tough economic times with huge job losses and a largely devalued deutschmark were beguiled by Hitler’s promises of jobs, financial handouts, universal health care and rebuilding the lost sense of German pride. Sound familiar?

Jump forward 70 years and consider the plight of America today. Benjamin Franklin admonished U.S. citizens saying “those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

The very banks and Wall Street hustlers who brought us the greatest financial disaster the world has ever known are bailed out by the very people whose wealth was plundered by these modem day pirates.

The American public was promised these trillions in bailout money would “end the credit crunch” in January 2009, fueling the economic turnaround.
It was a purposeful lie to sell the bailout agenda. Today, the money sits on the banks balance sheets waiting for the next shoe to fall .. the failure of the overbuilt commercial real estate industry.

Behind all this is a goal, a plan to dismantle America from its democratic, republic roots into a socialist, fascist society in which we its citizens will be subject to the changing whims of powerful people and powerful politicians.

Terrorism is a tool of citizen control.

In George Orwell’s book “1984,” he coined the phrase, “perpetual war for perpetual peace” from which he explained the use of war to manipulate the population, subordinate their freedoms and grant more control to government.

Today’s war is terrorism. A concept so powerful that many, if not most people, are willing to sacrifice all of the moral and legal precepts that made this country one of the most magnificent and successful unions between the people and its government in history.

Since 1991, when the president of the United States (G. W. Bush) issued an official policy calling for A New World Order, security has been the driving force and watch word to bring, we, the American People into a collectivist world empire.

David K. Straight