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Letter to the editor
Deer hunters in area help many organizations
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Forsyth County News
When I saw the story in [Friday’s] paper, “Gun reports on the rise in fall,” I feared that our county was under seige with gang or criminal activity!
Then I saw the subtitle “Deer hunting opens Saturday.”

It would appear that this story is directed at newcomers from out of state that now reside in Forsyth. The story featured quotes from our sheriff and our 911 director, but oddly, nothing from our Region II DNR Wildlife Resources Division or local hunters.

There are over 1 million deer in Georgia and our state ranks #5 in deer accidents. The hunting tradition is strong in our county.

Thousands of Forsyth hunters will take to the woods to attempt to harvest this renewable resource. Many of these hunters will also donate their harvest to food ministries like our local Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry chapter that helps feed local organizations like No Longer Bound, Abba House and the Unseen Hand Food Ministry. Perhaps the opportunity for an alternative story later this fall?

Joe Schuster