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Letter to the editor
Somebody has to pay the taxes for homeowner credits
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Forsyth County News
After having read the recent article about tax credits going to new and current homebuyers, there were two immediate reactions: (1) happiness that those purchasing homes were able to take advantage of this government program and (2) bewilderment that such a program exists in the first place.

Have we learned nothing from the recent real estate crash (initiated by the horrible Community Reinvestment Act — Google it), Cash-For-Clunkers, or Social Security (insert your favorite government program  trust me, it’s somewhat cathartic)?

Any time the government steps in to influence our lives it screws it up and this tax credit for homebuyers is no different.

The reason the program is no good is not because it will artificially inflate the real estate market (though that should be enough of a reason), but rather because the government is taking our tax dollars by force and deciding who is a winner by granting them a tax credit.

Any time you hear or read the word credit, incentive, or subsidy as it relates to a government program know that the government is pointing a gun at your head, reaching into your pocket, and giving your money to someone else.

If you think this is an extreme statement, try not paying your taxes this year and we’ll be sure to come see you during visiting hours at the local penitentiary to find out what happened to you.

We are the most charitable nation in the world. The part that makes that great isn’t that we do it, but that we do it voluntarily. When someone robs you at gunpoint, most would agree that your giving your money is not charity or voluntary, but a crime.

When the looters from both parties in D.C. perform such an act its called stimulus. We make a distinction between the two perpetrators at our peril.

Kevin Garrett