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Letter to the editor
Politicaly correctness is dangerous for our country
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Forsyth County News
Yes, we owe a debt to veterans for service to God and country, or that’s the way the phrase use to go. One thing’s for sure, it never was for service to Allah and country. Political correctness has proved once again to be a dangerous delusion denying truth about our history.

The idea we need diversity in our military is a sick joke. Did we recruit Nazis in WWII? Sure we had Germans, but believers in a dangerous false ideology? No.

There were no Muslims, Wiccans, Hindus, Buddhists, headhunters, etc. at the constitutional convention. Our right to freedom of religion was/is based on Judaeo-Christian beliefs, in spite of the protestations of the atheists, secularists, and other ignoramuses.  

Our National Day of Thanksgiving has always been proclaimed to God, not Allah. Christmas is a national holiday, not Ramadan, and it never should be.

It’s one thing to recruit Arabic speakers in the military for intelligence purposes, quite another to allow so-called “devout muslims.”

With the recent approval of a new large mosque in this county, I’m wondering if we’d allowed approval of, say, a Nazi social club back during WWII?
Just wondering, not that I’m drawing any direct comparisons.

Porter R. Downey III