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Letter to the editor
Time for county to quit Bethel fight
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Forsyth County News
The Corps of Engineers have twice selected the YMCA’s plan to develop Bethel Park. The Y has a real plan to develop and fund a crown jewel for our county.

The county’s “plan” is to make another RV park at Bethel, a park that is mostly closed by the Corps due to lack of use.

The county has real budget issues and should be using scarce funds not to sue the Y, but to ensure we have adequate fire, public safety, schools, roads and water — and the staff to oversee these critical functions.

The county has no experience in operating such parks, the Y does. I hope all county residents are aware that should the county prevail in running off the Y in court, it is compelled to fund the plan to build another useless RV park. Some return for our county taxpayers.

The commissioners need to manage well, not to settle old political scores for a handful of votes. Write your commissioner and remind him.

Jeff Anderson