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Letter to the editor
Nation needs jobs not health care plan
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Forsyth County News
You know, when I was growing up, we as a nation respected our president and our congressmen. We believed that all were honest, had excellent character, had excellent common sense and were looking out for our country and our people.

Sorry to say, but that is not true today, they are only looking out for themselves wanting more power and money.

You take the fiasco of the health care legislation, and most of them vote right down the party line. They spend all their time blaming the other party for whatever cause they can find fault with to make their party look good.

This health care bill will cost over $1 trillon of taxpayers money, which I doubt, because anytime they have a bill, it is going to cost at least two times what they say it will cost. They do this to get these bills passed and then they have an excuse when they get caught not telling the true cost.

We need our congressmen to wake up and vote these bills with good common sense for the people and our country.

That is why I think they are to be elected only to two terms, then they won’t be trying to get reelected all the time, and then they can do the job they were elected to do.

People don’t need health care as bad as they need a job.

They are losing their homes, and livelihoods and without a job it does not matter what the premiums are they still will not be able to pay them. They need jobs now, not 18 to 24 months down the road. Quit catering to the big boys and vote with common sense to get us out of this depression, now.

Sid Barfield