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Letter to the editor
Public safety is more important than county greenspace
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Forsyth County News
There seems to be a misunderstanding between the county commissioners and the citizens of Forsyth County. The commissioners think the citizens moved here for green space. The majority of citizens moved here from other counties for a better quality of life, which means their safety.

Sure they like green space but, you know, they like to be able to walk in their neighborhoods with their families after dinner and feel safe. This feeling of safety in neighborhoods is due to the sheriff’s department doing an outstanding job.

I moved here from another county to be able to walk my neighborhood, not for green space. The county commissioners need to take a step back and look at the bad decisions they have made. I can’t believe that there is even a discussion to build these two recreation centers at this time and all the mumbling about the purchase of a golf course.

And what are the commissioners doing to the county employees? They are cutting their 401Ks, which means they are cutting their retirement to nothing. They are already making them take furloughs and cutting their medical benefits so their out-of-pocket expenses are more. They no longer get paid holidays. Why are the employees being forced to carry the commissioners’ spending?

In the Wednesday paper [it was reported] the sheriff’s department won a national award, but the commissioners do nothing to help this department except to not give them their raises or help with the cost of living. They are making the same as what they were making three years ago.

Yes, they have a job, but how many people do you know that could live on what they were making three years ago? However, if you call 911, you want a deputy, firefighter or EMS personnel there immediately. What happens when these departments are on furlough? It is also comforting to know that if trees fall over power lines and roadways that the Forsyth County road and bridges department will come out to cut and remove the trees for your safety.

The citizens of Forsyth County need to get together and help the county employees. I realize that other counties have had to make cuts as well but there has to be a point where the employees need to be left alone.

Nancy Gibson