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Letter to the editor
Economic growth would benefit county
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Forsyth County News
The county’s budget worries and county workers’ displeasure at their salary cuts in the Dec. 6 Forsyth County News tells me Forsyth needs to bring in more money. 

In speaking against the proposed homeowner tax increase earlier this year, which the county commissioners voted down, I made a suggestion  apparently to their glazed over eyes: Why doesn’t the county take measures to enlarge the tax base instead of looking at homeowners as their piggy bank? This would involve an aggressive marketing campaign designed to attract businesses and industry, as have many other less attractive locations around the country.

The latter would not include smoke belching factories. Enterprises which come to mind are high-tech, insurance companies or light assembly factories which would be offered attractive taxes, an enhanced county incentive package and industrial park-like environments.

This county has much to offer — location, quality of life, low taxes and more. What about a trained workforce? Lanier Tech could design courses and training needed by those businesses like computer skills, administrative support, etc.

I have tried to locate the county government entity which might spearhead this type of economic development initiative but not successfully. I wonder if a firm looking to relocate here has better luck. The Forsyth County Comprehensive Plan 2005-2025 does briefly allude to economic development, but I see little effort or results in that area. I hope I’m wrong. Forsyth needs to bring in more money and efficient/effective economic development can be the source, not home owning taxpayers.

Tony Martinez