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Letter to the editor
Find better way to fix county budget
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Forsyth County News
I am a resident of Forsyth County and serving the county as a member of public safety.  

Commissioners, I implore you search long and hard for other solutions to our county’s current economic crisis. I realize your time is extremely valuable but please do not solely rely on the recommendations of others for solutions to the current crisis. I ask you to research yourself to find a better alternative than those that have been tabled to date.

I have worked here for two years without a COLA or merit increase in pay as I continue to serve and protect the citizens.

You need to realize public safety is not a 9-5 profession. I, along with other public safety employees, stand ready to protect the citizens of Forsyth County 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year; to be called at a moments notice to put our lives on the line and face the darkest evils of humanity.  

We are the ones that run into the face of danger as others flee to the safety behind the wall of protection we provide.  

Like others in my profession. we continue to work for a base starting pay, but beginning in 2010 we will be working for less than starting pay as health insurance costs have gone up and now our benefits will be further reduced, along with furlough days. I can only ask that our benefits are not cut any further.  

Commissioners, have you taken the time to see how stretched public safety has become due to the hiring freeze that has been imposed? Not only have you begun to risk protection to the residents, but the lives of the public safety employees themselves.  

I ask, do your constituents realize the cuts you have made to the very safety and peace of mind they enjoy each night as they tuck their children into bed and drift off into restful slumber?

Commissioners, please, I ask of you, no more cuts to the public safety employees who place their lives on the line each and every day.

Adam Campbell