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Letter to the editor
All county employees feeling the pinch
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Forsyth County News
I read Mr. Sheltons letter the other day and while I agree with a great deal of it I take issue with the beginning. It should read “We the employees of Forsyth County know the sacrifice.....”

Now before anyone at the Sheriff’s department tries to take me to task for not knowing what they go through, I am the wife of a retired (25 yr.) lawman. My husband now works within the county government system and everyone is feeling this economic pinch.

We all are in the same boat — no merit/cost of living raises, increases in health insurance etc. We must also band together instead of “my job is more stressful than your’s” comments; we each chose the job knowing the ups and downs of each one.

There are always extra issues to complicate things but that’s part of life.

The real issue here is somehow making everyone financially responsible, and maybe someone needs to explain to our elected officials what this means. It means spending money as if this was yours.

I read the Wednesday article about balancing the budget and I don’t get it. Why are we paying someone time-and-a-half for something that should come under their job description? Yes, consolidate machines. How many studies do we have to pay for because people have no common sense?

Cut down on Code enforcement? Sure, then see how fast our county starts looking trashy again because no one wants to take responsibility for cleaning things up or following building codes; let’s see how attractive our county is then. Their job isn’t tied just to new building but to any new construction, even to older homes or property.

Sheriff [Ted] Paxton was right in his statement about mistakes made in the past are having to be paid for by us now.

Commissioners you have some tough decisions to make but just remember, this may be your part-time job, benefits and all, but this is our full-time life so don’t mess it up.

Kimberly Sams