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Letter to the editor
Clean up after pets on new Greenway
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Forsyth County News
I recently enjoyed a bike ride from one end of the Big Creek Greenway to the other. What a beautiful setting and addition for county residents to enjoy.

By the end of my ride, I was quite dismayed at the number of dog droppings left on the Greenway.

Since there are a sufficient number of receptacles all along the Greenway for dog owners to dispose of their pets “business,” it seems to me that those dog lovers that also enjoy walking their pets are simply being irresponsible and inconsiderate of other users of the Greenway.

One persons irresponsibility shifts the burden of responsiblity to someone else. So, a simple request to the pet walkers on the Greenway — be responsible for your pet’s “business” so we all can enjoy this wonderful addition to our county. Thank you.

Richard Steindam