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Letter to the editor
Golf course a boon for recruiting jobs
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Forsyth County News
Dr. Linda Ledbetter wrote a letter stating her support to buy the Lanier Golf Course for green space. In her tenure as commissioner, Dr. Ledbetter established herself as a super friend of keeping our heritage — green space and trees — to the greatest degree possible.

Dr. Ledbetter was also a staunch supporter of attracting new business entities into Forsyth and certainly more green space helps.

As a consultant to major business corporations for 40-plus years doing site location selection for new regional and even corporate locations, I found the three most important community assets were: schools, ocean or large lakes, and great recreation facilities including good public and private golf courses.

In two instances I remember, the public golf course was the tie breaker — because the senior executives needed an enticement for their folks who were unable to join a private club.

It is a reasonable certainty that the Lanier Golf Course will enhance our county’s ability to attract new corporate partners. With perhaps 50 percent of the trees and the same zero imperviousness as green space, keeping the golf course gives us a triple win: increases both our tax revenues and job count, and permanently adds 172 acres of trees and grass to the county.
Tony DeMaria