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Letter to the editor
Two homesteads troubles reader
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Forsyth County News
1956 Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary

Collude — to cooperate secretly; conspire; contrive

Collusion — cooperate in fraud

Homestead — 2) the place of permanent family abode

For the general public I am citing definitions of words used in the Forsyth County Application for Homestead Tax Exemption.

I feel it is necessary as it appears to be so perplexing even for candidates for county commissioner.

Candidates Josh Shorr and Brant Meadows have enjoyed homestead exemptions on two properties in Forsyth County for many years.

I can only assume they were perplexed by the words. And they want to hold the highest elected office in this county. 

I am waiting for [Tax Commissioner Matthew] Ledbetter to make public the dollar amount of any “forgiveness” given to either of these candidates.

Can all citizens of Forsyth County expect the same treatment?

Does the tax commissioner forgive everyone else when they make a ‘mistake’ on paying their taxes — or just the politicians?

Ledbetter needs to be held accountable for the slack way his office is run.

How many other “double” homesteads exemptions are out there leaving honest taxpayers to pick up the slack for the ilk of these “confused” county commission candidates?

We will all be picking up the tab when everyone’s property taxes go up soon enough.

Courtney Windey