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Letter to the editor
County land purchase was irresponsible
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Forsyth County News
I am responding to the letter written by Mr. Dave Richard concerning comments attributed to me about the purchase of property by Forsyth County for a proposed jail site. I have said that this purchase was irresponsible and I stand by that statement.

Mr. Richard, a county commissioner at the time the property was bought, claimed he had a hand in that purchase and I have no reason to doubt his involvement. 

I believed then and still believe now that this purchase was “reckless spending.” Those with any business experience would have drafted a contingency contract with the seller that was based on approval of the bond referendum by the voters to actually build the jail. Had the contingency clause been added, the taxpayers would have not been obligated to complete the purchase when the referendum failed. If the seller would have not accepted those terms, then Mr. Richard and the majority should have walked away.

The “radical” approach supported by then-Commissioner Richard along with current commissioners Jim Harrell and Charlie Laughinghouse caused the taxpayers to purchase a $7 million albatross. It should be very concerning to the taxpayers and citizens of Forsyth County that, by his own admission, Mr. Richard does not see a problem with this purchase and has attempted to place blame on someone else. We cannot afford this type of “radical” thinking any longer.

In the real business world, Mr. Richard, we call that poor management with a lack of fiscal responsibility. And yes, we would even call it “reckless spending,” no matter how much rhetoric and political spin you use.
Todd Levent