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Letter to the editor
Consumers should be able to block political calls
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Forsyth County News
If there is anything in the area of mass communication that should be against the law it would have to be all of these inane, prerecorded, robo drafted campaign ads.

I’ve gotten three or four a day, usually around supper time, for at least two months.

These self serving commercials are all the same.

“I’m a businessman not a politician.” “I’ll stop runaway spending.” “Repeal Obama care.” “Secure the borders.” “Keep our firearms.” “Fight terrorism.”

And they all end with the reassuring statement, “I’m am a loving family man” “With true conservative family values.” It is never made clear what these values might be.

I have even had a few calls pointing out that someone else’s pre recorded message is full of lies!

Since these calls are all the same, it is unclear as to how they could influence anyone’s vote. I find these calls so intrusive that I’ve made a list of all the candidates, to be sure not to vote for anyone of them.

It is possible to get on the state “no call” list to block commercial calls. This should certainly be extended to allow anyone who wants  to block these self serving, sound-bite invasions of a person’s privacy.

Richard M. Boozer