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Letter to the editor
Nothing funny in political status quo
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Forsyth County News

Isn’t it funny that those staunch Republicans who cry for small government and deride people who need assistance to have basic needs met are now screaming for $700 billion to help huge corporations whose executives make tens of millions of dollars a year?

Isn’t it funny that for eight years weve had a  president who made his millions in the oil industry and we even invaded an oil rich country, yet we are paying $4 a gallon for gas, if we can find it??

 Isn’t it funny that eight years ago John McCain stood for something that could have led to changes in Washington and bipartisan cooperation, but he lost because he wouldnt bow to the right wing of the Republican Party. Now he has the total support of the right wing because he is talking their language and picked a running mate that makes some extreme right wingers look moderate yet the chances for a real change in Washington with McCain are no longer possible because of his new love for the extreme right.

 Unfortunately I dont find any of this funny. For the first time in my life I will vote for a Democrat for president. I am not the biggest supporter of Barack Obama and was seriously considering voting for McCain until I discovered what Sarah Palin is all about.

I’m voting early and will vote for Obama. There is no way this country can stand more of the same mess the Republicans have created. Our economy is shot, people are losing their homes, our money is not worth as much on the world market, our schools get worse and worse, and people in Georgia will still cast their vote for a Republican because of one or two issues (abortion and gay rights) that will never go away and that won’t change the situation in out nation.

When this election process started months ago there were a number of issues that people needed to consider, but with the recent mess in the economy nothing else really matters. If we don’t have a strong economy, we don’t exist as the world leader we have always been.

So I ask my fellow Georgians to think and if you like how the economy is going right now, elect a Republican to the White House again. Keep the same senators and house members in office. They’ve been there forever, and yeah things wont change. Real funny.

Joe Whitfield