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Letter to the editor
Delay after delay on shelter issue
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Forsyth County News


I watched the Dec. 2 commissioners meeting and was dismayed, to say the least at how ignorant some Commissioners think we are. Commissioners Bell and Tam have postponed this agenda item nine times since June. On Dec. 12, Commissioner Bell again postponed addressing the animal shelter issue. He stated the commissioners did not have required information to make any decisions.

Really. Since Dr. Orr announced he was going to discontinue handling the county’s animal control issue last year plenty of ideas and bids have been submitted for alternative arrangements. Some are even quite feasible. 

Viable options were offered when the bid solicitations went out last year. The county owns land that is not currently being used quite close to a veterinarian who has offered to help spay/neuter our animals. Competent, qualified and experienced contractors have bid to run the facility and several architects have submitted state-of-the-art affordable building designs.

Taxpayers have stood at your meetings and offered ideas on how to pay for and fund the shelter. Rescue groups have stated they will work together to solve our animal issues. They all still understand this is about the animals, not politics. What more do the commissioners need? 

Kathy Mello