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Letter to the editor
Availability is no reason to buy
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Forsyth County News


Before a government, business, church or any organization makes a discretionary purchase of $2.5 million, a case should be made as to what need or benefit is to be gained that is worth the price.

Forsyth County Commissioners recently spent $2.5 million to purchase property at Echols Road. The reasons given were: the green space bond money was not all spent, the price was less than some other land purchases the county has made, District 5 should be given a fair share of the bond money and three of five commissioners approved it even though two of the three in favor of it were about to leave office.

Maybe the county will find a use for this land, but this purchase is like buying something because it’s on sale, and the money to buy it can be borrowed, and we’ll figure out what to do with it later.

These are not legitimate reasons to spend $2.5 million. We need a better process than a 3-2 vote. Where are the conservative values Forsyth County claims to practice? Leave earmarks for the Feds.

Tony Gardner