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Letter to the editor
Lincoln wasn't what many believe
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Forsyth County News


In the Feb. 9 Opinion Section the article by Pat Buchanan had the factual paragraph on Abraham Lincoln edited out.

I would like to submit it here and voice my opposition to furthering the myth that Mr. Lincoln was anything other than a political opportunist that oversaw the virtual destruction of the South and the deaths of over half a million Americans — all under the auspices of abolishing slavery. Which, if allowed to do so, it would have all but disappeared peacefully like it did almost everywhere else in the civilized world.

The truth about the War is much more complicated and involves taxes, the Agrarian South and Industrial North, a  State’s right to govern itself as it sees fit, etc. — all leading to what was arguably the 2nd American Revolution, where freedom lost.

“In our Civil War, Abraham Lincoln made himself a dictator, closing newspapers, suspending habeas corpus, and locking up editors and legislators” (Buchanan column).

Gary C. Smith