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Letter to the editor
Cancel events to save gas
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Forsyth County News

Dear Forsyth County commissioners, Park and Rec. board bembers, Park and Rec. directors and managers:

All of you in control of the schedule for the events that are planned for all the parks, Americans are only concerned about getting to their place of employement or getting their children to school. Please come up with a plan to cancel all events this week and maybe the upcoming weeks. We should not have to worry about whether or not we’er going to get enough gas to get children to their games.

My children might not make it to their events because of the gas shortage.  All I’m thinking about is “Do I have enough gas to get to work all week?” and not having any “extra”(ballparks) places to go.

You all need to take action quickly, like today.   You all need to come together and have an emergency plan to communicate with all of the Forsyth County residents worried about the same thing.   If for no other reason, plan to cancel all events due to conservation efforts to try and help our gas go farther.

Shari Thompson