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Letter to the editor
Voters deceived on school SPLOST
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Forsyth County News


Folks it galls me to be taken advantage of – especially something that is very deceiving. You take the SPLOST vote and taxes raised on our personal homes by the board of education.

They certainly did not tell the whole truth before the vote on the SPLOST fund. What they insinuated was either pass SPLOST or receive a tax increase. But now they say it is us, the people, who don’t understand their double talk. Why are we still paying bond debts for 1992, 1995 and 1998? Shouldn’t these years already have been paid off with the amount of money they have already collected? I think so unless the funds were misguided.

My opinion is the school board needs to tell the people true facts before asking us to approve another SPLOST fund. I believe it will be much harder next time to get the votes to pass another SPLOST fund.

Now another item is the vote for the SPLOST fund for the jail and courthouse. Why do we need to vote in November 2011 instead of November 2012 for funds that don’t even begin until June 2013? My opinion is because in 2011, there will not be anything on the ballot to amount to anything except the vote for the SPLOST and they believe with a low turnout their chances are greatly enhanced to get it passed because only the people who want it will actually vote, but I have some news for them. We the people will turn out to vote and have some say-so in the outcome of this request.

Why has the cost gone from $90 million to $101 million in just a matter of weeks? With the economy in the tank you would think it would decrease the cost, not increase the cost.

Sid Barfield