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Letter to the editor
Obama plans to reduce military
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Forsyth County News


For all of you people who plan to vote for Obama, listen up! For your information, he plans to eliminate a minimum of eight brigade combat teams from the Army; six combat battalions and four tactical air squadrons from the Marines; 130 planes and seven tactical squadrons from the Air Force; and seven cruisers from the Navy. He also wants to cut our nuclear arsenal by 80 percent — down to 300. This is the number we had in the 1950s!

This at a time when Russia and China continue their “nuclear weapons modernization” programs, and lran is on the verge of getting nuclear weapons. He also informed Congress that he plans to sell at least $560 billion worth of our fighter jets, missiles, explosives and other weaponry to Saudi Arabia. This includes 84 new F-15 fighter jets, which is one of the fastest and best aircraft that we have. Feel safer?

He also is cutting the military health care program. This is unbelievable when our military men and women volunteer to keep us safe and sacrifice so much for us. How much has Congress sacrificed so far?

Now listen to this — “The government will have real-time access to all individual’s bank accounts and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts.” ls it possible that the government can really take money right out of our bank accounts whenever they want? It’s on page 59 of Obamacare. How about this instead? They can only take money out of the accounts of the people who vote for him. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Barbara Howard