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Letter to the editor
Republicans need plan of their own
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Forsyth County News


I keep hearing Republicans say we need to stop attacking each other and start attacking Obama. Wrong! In this year’s presidential election 40 percent will vote for Republicans and 40 percent for Democrats regardless (baring something really bizarre). It is the other 20 percent of us, who are yet to decide, that will determine the outcome.

If the Republicans want my vote they don’t need to talk about Obama. I know what this guy has done and what he is likely to do (good and bad). They need to specifically tell me how they can do better.  And fairytales won’t work, like, “I will increase military spending, cut taxes and balance the budget” or “gas will be $2.50 per gallon because I will build a pipeline and relax regulation.”

Also, I don’t care about birth control, what language they speak in Puerto Rico or a college student that got offended.
I fear talk radio has dumbed down the Republican Party to the point they can’t nominate a candidate that can win.

Tom Kimbrell