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Letter to the editor
U.S. is moving toward socialism
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Forsyth County News

The scenario of socialism in which I had lived for 30 years of my life in my native Czechoslovakia is now reccuring; after 40 years of my life in the United States I see the same misery creeping in.

No, the lie of socialism isn’t coming from some communist politburo or the Kremlin; it is coming from the White House. The best minds of the political left, led by President Obama, are inventing the most effective tactics of scaring the vulnerable. Those, who accepted handouts from the government and surrendered their freedom don’t have to be pursued anymore — they know, for whom to cast their vote. Those still sitting on the fence are bombarded daily by the “evenhanded” media. The words like envy, class warfare and racial hatred are on the menu.

I have already lost one country to the lie of socialism. I don’t want to lose this one, too.


Peter Motyka