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Letter to the editor
Freeport tax exemption needed
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Forsyth County News

On April 17, Gov. Nathan Deal signed HB 48  “Ad valorem tax; freeport exemptions; revise and change certain provisions” into law.  This law essentially repeals all laws that conflict with HB 48 governing state level inventory taxes and allows county commissioners to exempt all businesses from Freeport Level 2 ad valorem taxes.

This may be the most positive economic legislation to help a recovery in Georgia.  If this tax is relieved across the state of Georgia it will free up tens of millions of dollars for businesses to reinvest in capital, plant, and equipment to create jobs.

The method by which the commissioners can exempt all businesses from Freeport Level 2 ad valorem taxes is through a referendum.  From the Bill, line 267; “The referendum ballot shall specify retail business inventory as the types of property as defined in this Code section which are being proposed to be exempted from taxation. The election superintendent shall issue the call and shall conduct the election on a date and in the manner authorized under Code Section 21-2-540.”

I would suggest that you organize your community and press your commissioners to put this on the ballot for November 2012.  This will get people out to the polls to end a tax on all their businesses.


Bill Evelyn